Sunday, March 13, 2011

My neice's mini, the fourth I've made

FINALLY!!!  I've got it done, this is for my niece.  I've made three others but no pics yet, will get them online as soon as they are done.  I've got to try to figure out how to do these and insert pics as I goes...wish me luck!
Here's the pic of the front of the album.  It's a faux paper bag album, measuring 5 1/2 " wide and about 4" high.  I used this paper and you can't tell it from the picture, because the color is a little distorted, but I used "Forever Red" Perfect Pearls and the red is almost the same color as the paper.  In this pic, it looks a little more orange than it really is.  Also used Gold Glimmer Mist both of them on Prima Flowers, and the bling is from the "Say It In Crystals" line by Prima.

This is the back and I left it pretty plain, I have a small stamp on the bottom left hand side, that has a made by stamp.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mini albums

I've made three now, one for my mom and two for my granddaughters.  Have one more for my youngest granddaughter, then niece wants one, then all of my grandsons.  Then for whoever else, lol.  These are addictive, and I can let my imagination run with them.  I don't have anything to take film with though so I can post it on you tube.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

YEA, got my blog list up

Finally had some time today to get some blogs on my blog list that I follow.  They are mostly scrapbook blogs, some, but not all of my favorites.  I'll add more as I get some little time :)

It snowed here last night about 8 inches, so it's a scrapbooking day.  Won't get out in this mess.  The next two days are days I'll be at my Mom's house (she is going through chemo), as those are her really bad days usually.  This was her last chemo treatment and we are praying for a miracle.

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

John Paul II Beatification

What a wonderful thing to blog about!  What can I say about this Pope that hasn't already been said?  He was my first Pope, being a convert.  I can't explain how I felt without seeming silly.  I loved him.  He was such an inspiration.  He was such a saint, living among us, and how incredibly blessed we were to have him.  I wish I could go to Rome to be there for the ceremony, but alas, funds will not be available for that.  But I am so happy that this is happening.  I was one of those along with the crowd at his funeral that were praying "Santo Subito".  It warms my heart that he is being recognized so soon.  What a privilege it was to witness his life.

St. Pope John Paul II, the Great!

John Paul II, we love you!