Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Home from Thanksgiving

I have been absent for more than a couple of weeks.  I went to my daughter's house for Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful, I got two weeks of time to spend with her in the evening after she got home from work and two weeks to spend with her four children.  Her husband works shift work, so I really didn't get to talk to him much, when he's not working (12 hour shifts), he is usually sleeping.

My daughter worked hard to make a gluten free Thanksgiving meal for me, and it was the best Thanksgiving meal I've eaten since becoming gluten free.  In the past, I just ate what I could, and sometimes eating things I shouldn't .  But this year I had an entire meal and it felt wonderful.

Now to get back to this blog and attempt to be more regular in my posts.

Today, I'm working on dehydrating a #10 can of peaches.  I love the way they keep in a small jar, taking up less room and they are great to just snack on.  They will last a few months.  The next project?  Dehydrating a large bag of shredded potatoes.  I have been out now for a few months and it's much more economical to do them myself.

Also, I am working on my children's scrapbooks and I really need to get some pages done.

Until next time.