Friday, November 15, 2013

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Ready, get set, GO!
When I think of a tree, I always think of that little acorn. 
Such a lowly beginning, having been abandoned by its mother, thrown to the ground, left to survive, thrive, or die all alone, one little tiny acorn.  But through the years, the acorn sheds it’s skin, silently realizing it’s true potential.  The potential to become a great oak tree.  
And so it struggles, sometimes for several years before it finally starts to take root, growing, struggling, finally finding a path through the debris of fallen life, tentatively sending down it’s dreams into the ether of the netherworld, stretching to find that one tiny little nugget of nourishment.  Hoping , waiting  in expectation for that one second when it’s legs reach a perfect spot, created just for it, and then Eureka!  It is done, it has found it’s heart.  The heart of the great tree that is to come, made up of many things that died before it, only left for it alone to nourish the great expanse of canopy that opens to the heavens.  
It is a tree.