Sunday, February 1, 2015

Monday is Wash Day

Somewhere way in the past, some woman decided that her work had to be ordered to get things accomplished.  And some woman decided Monday would always be wash day.  It spread, as so many things do, and for a long time, it was tradition.  I still do my wash on Monday.  Although I don't have to worry about ironing, which used to take up Tuesday and sometimes much of Wednesday, now I only wash on Monday.  If I have a small load I will do it on Friday also to get things caught up.

Tuesday has become my errands day.  It's the day I get out and run around town paying bills, getting groceries, etc.  I try to buy most of my groceries once a week, and only go back for small things in between.

So tomorrow morning, after coffee, because I can't do anything before, I will get busy and divide my clothes and wash.  I clean house in between loads, things like dust, run the sweeper, straighten the living room and bedroom.  

What is your schedule for Monday?   I would like to know.

Until next time.

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