Sunday, November 8, 2015

Procrastination, or just a busy life?

The Write 31 Challenge

The Write 31 Challenge is over.  And although I spent quite a bit of time writing, I didn't get them all on my blog.  So I have read a lot of legitimate excuses for why others didn't get it all done, or why they didn't have time.  So do I have a legit excuse?

I mean, we all procrastinate, right?  I know I do, do you too?  Ok, I did have time with my grandkids, and a big hometown weekend (we have a huge celebration once a year here in town), with my Wyoming kids and grandkids home, and getting ready for that, and spending time with my kids and grandkids here, as well as doctor's appointments.  So do you think that's a good excuse?

Probably not.  As I said, I did have writing done.  I carry a small notebook with me, and I was writing furiously in that, idea after idea after idea, on what to put on the blog.  They all sounded great.  But the problem was they never made it into print.  Why is that I wonder?

Ok, let me just admit it.  I am a procrastinator!!!  Wow.  I don't feel any better after that admission.  But I know what to do about it.  I've read and read about this problem for years now.  Why, oh WHY do I still have such a problem with it?

I see other bloggers who write and some who write daily, and I wonder, HOW in the world do they do that?  And what's wrong with me?

So, my goal for this month (yes, I'm putting it in writing AGAIN), is to at least blog three times a week...and I'm already a week in and this is the first, now THAT strikes me as ironic!

Cross your fingers for me, ok?

Until next time.

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