Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Books I'm Reading - Day 7 of Write 31 Days

Book lists fascinate me.  I love to see what others are reading and find books I might want for my own lists.  I think you can tell alot about a person by what they read.  I regularly have four or five books going at all times.  I can't begin to list all of the one's I have read, some I have loved and read over and over, and some I forgot the minute I put them down.

So I thought I'd share what is on my nightstand (which is where I do all of my reading, before sleep).  I'm not sure how to get these to link anywhere yet, so I'm just going to list them.  Maybe one day I'll be good enough at this blogging experiment to be able to help you find them online.

Blog, Inc., by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

I'm about 10 pages in on this one and am really enjoying the conversations with other bloggers.  It is packed with information and how-to, as well as interesting biography.

For Writer's Only, by Sophie Burnham

I've read through this before, but this time I am taking a page at a time and really contemplating the blurbs about writing.  Great book to read if you want to take time to think about the writing process.

The Mammoth Hunters, by Jean M. Auel

I loved this series the moment I read the first chapter in the first book.  I am a history nut and ancient history is the best, as far as I'm concerned.  The story of Ayla, and her entire life is laid out and fascinating in it's scope.  This is a re-read, as I have the entire series and will keep it for life.

American Grit: A Woman's Letters From the Ohio Frontier, edited by Emily Foster.

Am over halfway done on this.  I have this one on my Kindle so I can take it with me.  So much history of how people lived and survived in the early United States. Will be keeping this one on my Kindle.

Plunder and Deceit, by Mark R. Levin

I have just started this book and so far it has given me food for thought.  I am very interested in politics and social studies in America, so this book is interesting.  Will let you know later what I thought of it.

What books are you reading right now?  Let me know as I might want to check some of them out.

Until next time.

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