Saturday, January 23, 2016

Faith, Grief and Love, part Three


This time, I just wanted to share some ideas I have about love.  Especially love in the context of grief and faith.  It is, I think, essential for everyday life.  Not that everyone has to have a significant other, but that everyone requires love, given and received from family or friends, or husband or wife, or significant other.


Yes, it is.  As scientists find out more and more about this quantum field we live in, they are spreading the word that love is eternal.  Everything is sent out into the quantum field, including your very thoughts, as energy.  And there it lives for eternity.  My love for Tom and his love for me will never die.  It will outlast us.  It’s a very comforting thought.


Ok, another loaded word!   Love is so unpredictable.  There one day, seemingly gone the next.  Many women who have been in an abusive relationship, or just a bad relationship, may not feel grief (which I believe is part of love),  the same as women who were deeply in love with their husbands.  But I believe that even in those situations, there is a connection.  They have come into our lives and changed us, for the bad, or for the good.  Does the soul connect in a realm we cannot see?  Perhaps, even then, our souls recognize the image of God in the other.


Especially in the case of those who were deeply in love with their spouses, or had a great relationship with their parents, or their children.  That love is totally enveloping.  It enfolds us, wraps us up in emotions so great, that sometimes they overwhelm our faith.  And sometimes they only enrich our faith.  But no one can deny the enveloping nature of Love.

So these are a few of the things I have come to realize through my journey of Faith, Grief and Love.  It takes some time, but we finally work through some of the grief.  

I see clearly now that God was giving me time.  And like most of us, I wanted to rush through all that and win that race I like to call “I Have Survived All of This and My Life is Back to Normal!”

I tell you all this to make a point that might help you through the same thing.  With grief, you have to plow right through the middle of it.

Don't cover it up.

Don't deny it.

If you need to cry, cry.

If you need to yell, yell.
If you need to talk to someone, call someone who loves you and will listen without judging.

There is only one way to get through that tunnel, and that is to walk through.  You will feel so much better when you come out into the daylight on the other side.

So to answer the question, in the first part of these three, "Do I believe there is a God?"  Yes, I do.    He's big enough to handle our questions and doubt.  And he gives us wonderful answers about faith, grief and love.

Until next time.

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