Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog days

Summer dog days again.  Seems time has flown the last year or so, and I've not posted at all.  Back to it I guess.  I've been very busy the last year or so.  My beloved Mom had ovarian cancer and I nursed her through to the last.  She passed on New Years Eve, just an hour and a half short of midnight.  When I got home that evening with my kids, we went out at midnight, and banged wooden spoons on pans for my Mom.  It's what she used to do with them on New Years Eve.  We did it for her.  I know she heard us.  My dear husband had had a second heart attack the day before my Mom passed.  So he was in another town in a heart hospital.  It was awful being torn between the two.  But Our Lord has a way of working all of the details out.  My husband is a little better now, after four surgeries in six months.  We almost lost him on many occasions, but now life seems as if it is getting a little better.

Because of all of this, everything has fallen on my shoulders.  I  now take care of the household stuff (which I mostly did anyway).  But now I also take care of the yard, dump the trash, fix things, and the car duties are mine now also.  Besides caring for my husband, and getting him to doctors appointments, etc.

Because I've fallen into all of this, it is forcing me to become more organized.  I have to admit that during the last several years of being so busy, my house has fallen into a mess.  So I've been working on trying to get caught up.  Am I there yet?  No.  It will take a while.  I also suffer from several physical ailments which limit me at times, so I can't get up and get through the house like the whirlwind I was at a much younger age.  I can't even usually get whirling in one room a day.  So it's slow and steady for me.

I've also had to take care of all of the gardening this year, however with our weather here in Kansas, that's been a nightmare all of it's own.  We have canned some tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, peaches and now getting ready to start on apples.  Hopefully next year will be better without the long stretch of not only 100 degree temps, but over 110 degree temps, and maybe with more moisture.  We are in an extreme drought situation.

Until next time.

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