Friday, August 24, 2012

Hoping for rain

We are hoping and praying for rain.  Literally.  It has rained around us all day today.  This evening we finally got enough to wet the ground.  Not completely, but enough to settle the dust for an hour or so.  We want rain, we need rain.  I seriously went outside and prayed and prayed, asking for some of the wet stuff.  We've lost so much this summer.  We lost alot last summer too, but this is the worst summer I've ever lived through for gardening.

 Although we don't have any animals, I know people who have had to start selling off due to the drought.  Very sad circumstances.  And old timers who say they've never seen anything like this, other than the dust bowl.

  Of course, people took precautions so we wouldn't lose so much top soil again.  But that was decades ago.  People forgot.  Trees have been destroyed.  A dust bowl could easily happen again.

Wells in our parts are going dry.

We need rain.  Badly.

Until next time.

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